Our children our future. An insight from 3 little desserts.

When I was approached by a company from here in Northern Ireland called Kids for life regarding sponsorship of their charity, there was no way I could have refused. I have three children myself and I cannot imagine what families with children with cancer go through. Kids for for life is a charity that aims at raising awareness of what goes on around this horrible disease called cancer. Cancer does affect a lot of children throughout the UK, and for those affected with the illness it surely is a difficult time for them and their families. I can only imagine, for the kids affected, they must be filled with fear and confusion of what is happening and what the future holds. As I got to read the magazine, I got to understand the common symptoms of this disease. All the symptoms depends on the location of the where the tumour is.

They do mention that some symptoms are related to other medical issues and it’s important that doctors are consulted if you have any concerns. Some of the symptoms are weight loss, changes in eyesight, feeling a lot tired, headaches and unexplained bruising. This is of course every parent’s worst nightmare but if you find yourself in this situation, the best thing to do as a parent is to be strong and find the strength to be there for your little one. The next step is referral to a specialist who is then able to go through important and necessary tests for accurate diagnosis. These tests include blood tests, bone marrow tests, x-rays, biopsy, MRI Scan and CT Scan.

When a child is diagnosed with with any illness, they would usually find comfort in a loving pet, most children with cancer can have pets, however it is important for families to know the risks of owning one and how to look after them. Some pets are high risk and should be avoided eg amphibians. The magazine gives you an insight on how hospital visits can be for all the family, and how to help kids keep calm, they mention that keeping kids involved in making decisions will help them understand what’s going on and hopefully get them to understand what’s going on. And if all goes well and your child is well after the treatment, they give you advice on how important it is to keep the immune system as strong as it can possibly be.

I am very happy to say Kids for lif are doing a great job for so many families across Northern Ireland and hopefully they can continue to do so. For them to continue with the success they are doing now they all need help from all of us through donations and fundraising. In their magazine they offer you ideas of how to do so, these include arts and crafts stalls, dinner parties, car washes, band night and loads more. So I encourage each and everyone one of you to go ahead and let’s support kids for life to continue doing what they do best. Remember children are our future and now it’s cancer’s turn to be afraid. Let’s all help make it go away as soon as possible.

Our Company Feature Courtesy of Kids For Life Charity Magazine: 3 Little Desserts


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