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Double-Layered Numbers Cake Toppers

Double-Layered Numbers Cake Toppers

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Title: 3 LITTLE DESSERTS Double-Layered Numbers Cake Toppers - Premium 3mm Clear Acrylic - Crafted in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Description: Elevate your celebratory cakes with the 3 LITTLE DESSERTS Double-Layered Numbers Cake Toppers, crafted from premium 3mm clear acrylic. These meticulously designed toppers add a touch of sophistication to birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Proudly made in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, our cake toppers embody quality craftsmanship and exquisite design.


  • 3 LITTLE DESSERTS Double-Layered Numbers Cake Toppers
  • Premium 3mm clear acrylic construction
  • SIZE: 3" High
  • Precision-cut for an elegant and refined appearance
  • Adds a sophisticated touch to birthday cakes, anniversaries, and milestone events
  • Versatile and suitable for various cake styles and themes

Craftsmanship and Quality Materials: Made from high-quality 3mm clear acrylic, our Double-Layered Numbers Cake Toppers by 3 LITTLE DESSERTS boast durability and a luxurious aesthetic. The double-layered design adds depth and visual appeal, creating a stunning focal point for your celebration cakes.

Made in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom: Support local craftsmanship with our cake toppers proudly crafted in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. Each piece reflects the dedication to quality and attention to detail that defines the 3 LITTLE DESSERTS brand.

Customization: Personalize your celebration by choosing from a range of available colors or contact us for custom options to match your unique theme. Create a memorable and tailor-made cake decoration for your special event.

Celebrate with Style: Make a statement at your next celebration with the 3 LITTLE DESSERTS Double-Layered Numbers Cake Toppers. Elevate your cakes, create lasting memories, and showcase the craftsmanship of products made in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

Choose 3 LITTLE DESSERTS for a premium and elegant addition to your celebratory cakes, proudly crafted with care in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

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